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Choosing Television Screen Size and Proper Placement

Choosing Television Size

Back in the day this was more of an issue. In the HDTV world for the most part it's safe to say the bigger the better. You don't want to be too close to where you can see the individual pixels which can become distracting. Anytime you plan on buying a tv go look at it in a store! If you plan on buying your new tv on the internet you still need to see it in person before you make that decision. The best way to determine distance is to judge for yourself. For those of you want more precision I have put together a chart which will give you a general idea on viewing distance. This chart is just a general rule of thumb but everyones viewing taste is different so personal preference plays a huge role.

Screen Viewing distance
40" 5.0-8 ft.
46" 5.5-10 ft.
52" 6.0-11 ft.
58" 7.0-12 ft.
65" 8.0-14 ft.
70" 8.0-15 ft.


Television Height Placement

Viewing angle is important your television looks best when viewed straight on. When you are watching it too far from the side the colors can be off and the brightness is uneven. Generally you want the tv flat on the wall. Either on a stand or wall mounted. The height should be where your eyes are on the middle of the screen.